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Tommy Lee Project Meets Nikon World

Tommy Lee performs upside-down on his custom roller coaster drum kit at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in September of 2012.

One of the most important things about the images we create is the stories we get to tell about making them.

I’ve been a contributing editor and storyteller for Nikon World Magazine (through the incredible writing and editing of Barry Tannenbaum) for about 18 years. After the amazing remote images captured of Tommy Lee with my partner in crime Steve Heiner during Motley Crue’s concert at Jones Beach last September, Barry crafted an amazing article with details and images approved by the drummer himself.

Click on the link below to read the article on the Nikon Learn and Explore section of Nikon USA!



The Tommy Lee Project

It’s amazing how many “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities I’ve had and the most recent was a project with Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, where I had the chance to run remote cameras on his amazing roller coaster drum kit! Armed with a slew of gear including the Nikon D3S and D4 cameras, along with a bunch of lenses to shoot from FOH (front of house) and 16mm Fisheye NIKKORS for the remotes, I was GREAT to go. Of course riding with my partner in crime Steve Heiner, who ran the remotes from the stage, this had to be one of the most amazing shooting experiences I’ve had with setting remote cameras on a drummer’s kit. A special shout of to Robert, Eric of the rest of the CRUE’s crew who made this one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had with a band and a label. Of course without the folks at Live Nation and my great friends Daniel Adair and Barry Kerch, none of this goes down the way it did.

Tommy Lee and a show guest see the crowd from a different point of view! © Mike Corrado 2012

The goal was to capture an image that clearly showed Tommy playing upside down with a clean view of the audience. We got that and then some as one of the other objectives is to try and score an incredible hero image of the talent.

I’ll be building an updated behind the scenes piece soon.
More to come! Enjoy!