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Taking Flight in Stony Brook

For several years I’ve enjoyed some quiet time shooting around the Stony Brook Grist Mill on Long Island and captured images of a variety of birds.  Most recently as the spring is coming to an end and the summer begins, I’ve been pointing the long tele (600mm with TC for and effective 900mm) and my […]

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Summer Walks, Summer Talks

It’s been some time that I had some time to add a post on Corrado Blog and what a perfect opportunity to share the first sunset of 2014 that I captured with the D4S while in the company of my wife and son (and of course the beautiful Lady Bella). This was my first real […]

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Holy Duck!!!

As tough as the winter has been in NY recently, I keep thinking what it’s like in other places where this kind of snow, cold and ice is common like Iceland, and it seems to put things in perspective.  Suggesting that on one of the coldest days of the year with the wind chill factor […]

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Tommy Lee Project Meets Nikon World

One of the most important things about the images we create is the stories we get to tell about making them. I’ve been a contributing editor and storyteller for Nikon World Magazine (through the incredible writing and editing of Barry Tannenbaum) for about 18 years. After the amazing remote images captured of Tommy Lee with […]

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Nick “Batso” Maccharoli: Part II

A few weeks ago I had a chance to meet up with Nick “Batso” again an we had another amazing time together.  I was headed up to the Boston area to pick up my son from college and made a 5 hour pit stop at Batso’s place. We enjoyed some old stories, and a few […]

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Batso: Subject of a Lifetime, Friend for Eternity!

As a photographer you live with the fact that you may have only one shot to make images of a subject or person that blows you away.  Good or bad you make the best of whatever little opportunity you may have and you run with it.  Actually sprint with it would probably be more like […]

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Egrets and Lots of NIKKOR Glass!

One of the cool things I get to do is write and shoot for Nikon World Magazine.  With that comes the task of editing and thus being tagged as one of the contributing editors of the publication. Totally one of the jobs I really enjoy.  Of course, without a great writer and editor like Barry […]

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The Tommy Lee Project

It’s amazing how many “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities I’ve had and the most recent was a project with Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, where I had the chance to run remote cameras on his amazing roller coaster drum kit! Armed with a slew of gear including the Nikon D3S and D4 cameras, along with a bunch of […]

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