Taking Flight in Stony Brook

For several years I’ve enjoyed some quiet time shooting around the Stony Brook Grist Mill on Long Island and captured images of a variety of birds.  Most recently as the spring is coming to an end and the summer begins, I’ve been pointing the long tele (600mm with TC for and effective 900mm) and my latest new acquisition, the D4S at the beautiful Cormorants of the bird sanctuary on the lake.


Beautiful Double-crested Cormorant takes flight with a twig. © Mike Corrado 2014

As my wife and I have made it habitual to catch sunsets and walk on the beach, heading to the lake will become another new ritual where we get to connect and I get to capture images.  The best of two amazing worlds.  Another fun project to work on and much more to come.


The bright sky, wingspan and twigs pulled from trees, this creates opportunities to capture incredibly graphic silhouettes. © Mike Corrado 2014