Egrets and Lots of NIKKOR Glass!

Corrado Egret Landing 1.JPGCorrado Egret Landing 2.JPGCorrado Egret Landing 3.JPG

One of the cool things I get to do is write and shoot for Nikon World Magazine.  With that comes the task of editing and thus being tagged as one of the contributing editors of the publication. Totally one of the jobs I really enjoy.  Of course, without a great writer and editor like Barry Tannenbaum, I’d be lost a bit.

In the last issue of the magazine a story came my way that I was asked to make some pictures for.  If you’ve researched some of the great things that the D4 and D800 do you’ll note that one of the major improvements is that the threshold for AF was improved by one stop from f/5.6 to f/8.  Why is this so important? Because it means that long lenses with a maxim aperture of f/4 can now take full advantage of the D4 and D800’s incredible AF performance with all of the Nikon teleconverters including the TC-20e III.

So, as you have probably figured, the assignment was to make pictures for the article to demonstrate these great abilities with full AF performance.  Not being shy, I figured I would go for the gusto so I grabbed the D4, 600mm f/4 NIKKOR and the TC-20e III and headed to a lake in Stony Brook one of my favorite birds, the beautiful Egret,  hang in groups frequently. On this day in mid-July I got lucky again and remember seeing about 30 of these incredible birds when I pulled up. It wasn’t long before I got my feet wet and finger warn and started firing my D4 like a maniac.

Anyone that has ever photographed wildlife, especially birds has learned the virtue of patience. With preparation and opportunity coming together and the bi-product is LUCK, I was more and more impressed with every shutter click.  In fact, at times, the combination of 1200mm of lens was too much focal length and that is, in no way, shape or form a complaint.  In these three images of one of the Egrets coming in for a landing, the AF performance was right on. Very little crop or editing needed.

In a word, AMAZING! So, now my addiction to these wonderful NIKKOR long tele lenses has grown even more. Go figure!


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  1. Giovanna December 26, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    You are forgetting one inpmotart advantage of the D40 over ALL other Nikon and Canon DSLRS. IT has a max. flash sync speed of 1/500 sec while all others are between 1/200 and 1/250 sec. THi si significant for fast flash fill in photography and rapid movement (kids) indoors flash photography with a capable flash. Why Nikon does not offer this in their newer models is a mystery to me!